Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Meet Scrappy the Owl!

Insomnia + PSP = An adorable little creature called Scrappy the Owl!

What could be more adorable than a cute little owl in a multitude of colors? Scrappy is just waiting for you to take him home and play with him! The choice of colors and patterns are yours, even down to his ginormous eyes! And he's CU-OK, so you can include him in all your own designs!

This script will work in PSP versions 9 through X2, and most layers are left open so you can re-arrange him to your own preferences. You can use him with or without the branch. The possibilities are endless!

You can grab Scrappy at any of my stores, currently at half price until the end of February. He will go up to $4.00 on March 1st so grab him quickly!



Grab Scrappy at: