Saturday, March 15, 2008

7 of 30 Days of Freebies

Normally I try to get these posted sometime around midnight, so you can find them when you do your morning freebie shopping sprees, but we had some bad weather last night and that happens to be one of the few times my computer gets shut down. And ::gasp:: unplugged! So when I got up this morning I had to figure out what cords went where, and who plugged into what, etc. etc. I hate when that happens. And what always makes it WORSE is that hubby gets up before me, tries to plug the satellite and router back in, and ends up screwing it all up. I REALLY hate when he pretends he knows what he's doing. Why can't a man just admit they don't know how to do something and ask for help, instead of screwing it up first? And then blaming someone else when they screw it up? "But you told me I was supposed to plug that one in first, stand on my head for two minutes, and then plug that one in, hold my breath for 60 seconds so the light would come on, and then plug up the other one!" I didn't think he'd take me seriously...sheeeesh.

So last night hubby came up with the bright idea that we should take the kids and go out to eat. We have to do this ocassionally to remind ourselves of why we don't do this more often. (Our 4 year old could make millions doing the commercial ads for Ritalin.) So here we are at Ryan's, hubby takes the 4 yr old and I take the 7 yr old, and we head to the bar to fill their plates with what pitifully few things they will eat. When we get to the bar, Ally decides that she wants MOMMY to fix her plate, so hubby and I have to swap kids to keep from causing a scene. At this point my phone starts ringing off the hook with my Roy Mercer "Answer the phone or I'm whooping your ass" ringtone, and I'm standing here with a plate in one hand and a child in the other and can't reach my back pocket to stop the ringing. Talk about getting some dirty looks. So, against my better judgement, I let go of the child to stop the ringing on the phone, and there she went, running across the restaraunt yelling for daddy. I chased her down, lectured her about running off, and took her back over to fix her plate. As she walked past the tray of fried okra, she grabbed a handful off the bar and started eating them, so I lectured her again and let go of her to put okra on her plate. There she went. I have no idea how many times I had to let go of her to put something on her plate, but each time I did, she ran off. You get lots of dirty looks when you bring heathen kids to a restaraunt, and you get dirty looks if you beat them, so, like any other parent, I "Took her to the bathroom". There were so many other moms in the bathroom lecturing kids that I didn't even have to say anything. We just washed our hands for a few minutes and went back to eat our cold food, which is just the way she likes it. And then all 3 kids proceeded to argue across the table with each other at the top of their lungs for the remainder of the meal.

And if the restaraunt wasn't punishment enough, the kids needed new cleats for softball, so we went to Shoe Carnival. I bet they put up a sign after we left that said in capital letters "ALL KIDS MUST BE LEASHED AND MUZZLED BEFORE ENTERING."

So needless to say, it will be at least a month before hubby and I have to remind ourselves again why we don't take the kids out in public.

Anyway, today's freebies are the numbers 0-9 of the first of 2 alphas included with this kit. If you snag, please don't be shy! Leave a comment, dag-nabit! Feel free to share a link to this page so others can grab them as well.

Snag them on Rapidshare -OR- 4Shared.



Michele T. said...

Thx for the freebies. I love your work!!!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Sharon said...

Ha, Ha...too funny. I just love your restaurant story.