Thursday, March 13, 2008

Day 6 of 30 Days of Freebies

Somebody PLEASE shoot me. I've been home for 2 days taking care of sneezing, coughing, whining, sick kids, and I can't take it anymore! Now I've come down with the same crud and, get this, had to cancel a Dr. appt. today because I was SICK. I was actually looking forward to my standing weekly appointment, laying there and getting anywhere from 6 to 14 injections in my back because at least I'd have some adult conversation with the doctor and her nurse while they were torturing me, but nooooooo, they wanted me to wait until next week when I was feeling better, so they could make me feel like crap again. Argggggggg

With myself and the youngest 2 girls sick, you'd think my teenager wouldn't be driving me crazy quite so much these days, especially since I haven't heard her speak more than 2 words all week, but damn that girl is creative. She's not supposed to have any contact with the 22 year old b#$*&#$d of a boyfriend who tries to talk her into sneaking out to meet him at every opportunity, but she continues to find ways to get in touch with him. We took her car away, she started sneaking around with him when she was supposed to be at work. We made her quit her job, she ran up the phone bill by texting him. We took her text messaging away, she started talking to him through myspace. We took her phone and computer away, she started calling him from everyone else's phone. Now we find out that he's even been up to the school when the last bell rings to try to see her there. But the good news is, he was idiot enough to talk to her about all of this through myspace, so we have his own messages as proof of his behavior. And the police dept. has a copy of them as well, along with all the info they obtained when the boy was dumb enough to put his social security number into Brooke's phone, which just so happens to be MY phone because I signed the contract. What kind of idiot puts his sn in someone else's phone?? Was he afraid he'd forget it? "I'm too dumb to remember it, can you keep up with it for me?" Unfortunately Brooke isn't coming off with any explanations except "He just wanted to put it there." Funny how a straight-A student and one of the top 3 in her class can lose all of her common sense when a boy comes into the picture.

Now she has nothing left that I can take away from her, which really sucks because I'm running out of things to threaten her with. I've resorted to threatening to take down her bedroom door and give away all her name brand clothes. Not like I'd ever really do it, but seeing the look on her face when she thinks she's gonna have to wear rider jeans, jelly shoes, and her dad's T-shirts for the next six months is worth the empty threat. And just the thought of not being able to keep her little sisters out of her bedroom usually straightens her up enough so that I can refrain from pulling all my hair out. It's already going gray faster than I can call Ms. Clairol, I'm really not ready to start shopping at Wigs-R-Us quite yet.

Anyway, today's freebie is the 2nd part of the ribbons from yesterday, and these will be the last of the ribbons from Peachy Fantasy. Tomorrow I'll start on the Alphas, so be sure to drop in again to snag them! You can get part 2 of the ribbons Here on 4Shared -OR- Here on Rapidshare. And if you haven't already done so, be sure to grab the past 5 days of freebies while they're still available!



Missie said...

Missie here, just want you to know that most of us can relate to your teenage situation. For example, here is my dreadful story, I have a very talented 18yr old senior that has been the starting QB for the football team since he was in Jr. High. He received a letter of interest from HARVARD and this past summer he found love..yea right. So summer practice arrives and all he can think about is her. He loses the starting postion as QB and any chance of a scholarship for football. I have busted my rump for years now and spent the large dollars on football camps for what.. a cute little Abercrombie wearing girl to tear down what we were building. Now he is looking at Jr. College's, nothing wrong with that, but when you have the knowledge of the game and God Given Talent to boot, it does matter. He will have to pay for the sins of young love later and he has no clue what happens to young love in the end. Really how many of these relationships can survive the college years..not many. I was looking at him attending college, playing ball, and graduating with a Sports Marketing I will be lucky if he graduates from college with a basket weaving degree. The Great Couple have spent some time apart lately and all I can do is look at him when he says he wishes he had put more effort in this years season so he could get a football scholarship. The damage is done and Mom can't help him. All I can do is sit here and bite my lip trying not to say "I told you" or "I tried to stop this before you lost it" I do not know what his future will hold but I know he will be okay but DAMN, he could have been so much more if he would have just put more effort into his future and not some girl that will probably dump him seeing how she is a year behind him in school. He goes to college this summer and she will be in high school, what are the odds of this relationship making it??? Not looking good.

You know some animals eat their young, but I can't eat mine because the indigestion would be just horrible because they are so rotten. But I love them because they used to be loving, little boys.

Maria said...

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