Saturday, March 8, 2008

Alabama Snow, Help Wanted, and a Freebie....

We woke up to about an inch of snow this morning, which is VERY unusual here in north Alabama. The girls were outside playing in it before 8 am, which is a good thing because it didn't stick around very long at all. And today happened to be the day my camera decided to run out of juice. My luck . I put it on charge and it finally juiced up again at about noon....but by then the snow had disappeared. So I went to bed to take a nap, and slept all afternoon. So now all the things I needed to take care of today will hopefully get done tomorrow. I guess since it's the weekend my family will be OK going naked until I get some laundry done. It's supposed to be back in the 50's or 60's tomorrow anyway LOL

Staying inside all day leaves too much time for thinking. I was wondering if someone out there might be interested in using my scraps to make layouts or quickpages that I can use for previews and freebies? You would get the latest kits first, and if any of the kits are paid, you would get them first, for free. The quickpages would always be freebies, and you would also be able to post them on your own blog as long as you included a link back to here. If interested please drop me an email at I'd love to see you include some samples of your past layouts/quickpages as well. The ideal person would be very trustworthy about not sharing the kits with others, and would also be outspoken enough to tell me when I need to add more items or improve the ones I've made LOL

Also, those of you who offer scrap freebies on your blog, please email me with a link if you'd like to be included in my links section here. I would love to dress up my blog a bit (not to mention grab some goodies while I'm at it), and I just haven't had much time for exploring blogs these days! Just looking for someone to make it easy for me! LOL

Anyway, I've included an add-on for the Adobe Straw kit below. These are some older papers and an element that I made a while back, and then couldn't find them when I started back working on this kit. Well, I just found them...LOL. As requested, it has been uploaded to both Rapidshare and 4shared. I prefer RS myself, since I keep a premium account there, but I have to admit that 4shared is much easier to download from if you aren't a paying member :)

Please comment if you snag it!


Download from 4Shared -OR- Download from Rapidshare
(The 4shared link should be working correctly now :)


Michelle said...

Well done on the house (the proper name of it fails me right now) StarsScraps had a link to your blog and I have been giggling like a school girl. You are doing a great job here and keep up the funny stories. I have a house full of men 6 boys and well okay 7 boys that include my husband, so chaos is my name. I will be posting your blog on mine so others will pull up your blog. Not that I have a large following because I just started the blog last week. But hey, can't hurt right. You can view my blog at why scrak??? Because this stuff is just like a crack addiction between the actually paper and elements I buy at scrapbook stores and now digital.. I need a rehab center. My family think I have lost my mind and I could open my own store right out of my house because I have spent so much on this..all for my son's graduation in May. A surprise for him, to give him, his life all in several scrapbooks and now I am hooked and addicted.

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Paula2353 said...

I can't download the papers for Adobe Straw. Rapid Share says the address is wrong. Is there anyway i can get the papers so i can have the complete kit? Thanks so much for sharing!

musicaldruid said...

Left my thanks on the 4-shared link but the download kept returning to the download link. :( Ended up downloading from the rapidshare link. Thanks for putting the file both places. Anywhoo, love the papers, thank you so much!