Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Day 4 of 30 Freebies

It's gonna be one helluva day today. I had 2 sick kids waking me up this morning, one of which, I suspect, is just playing hookie. I bet I have her little butt in school by lunchtime LOL

Last night was Carlee's first ball practice, and she's already pissing off the coach. The coach was throwing her ground balls, repeatedly, which was pissing HER off, so she threw the ball back to him way over his head every time, making him have to run after them, and giving herself a break while he did so. I told him if he'd make her run a lap or two around the field every time she does that, she'll stop. He finally made her go after the last one, and stopped throwing them to her, which was her intention to start with. Where's the lesson in that? I was sitting in my chair behind the fence at home plate, trying not to look like she had learned her attitude from me, and not too sure I pulled it off. Especially when hubby tells the coach, "Sorry about that, she has her mom's attitude."

I think the problem with men coaching the girl teams is that they are afraid they'll make them cry. Some of these girls have already been playing together for about 3 years, and the coaches have no idea how tough they really are, and they're only 7 and 8. I can't imagine what kind of team they'll have when they get older, if most of them keep playing together. Some, like mine, are lazy early in the season, but they are very competitive on the field. Some of these girls are real hellions too, which makes practice very interesting to watch. My guess is that the coach will cry first. He's already decided not to practice anymore until Friday. And what makes this interesting is that I went to school with him, and he had this tough guy reputation back then. Now he's letting a bunch of 7 yr. old girls get the best of him. My, how people change LOL

Anyway, today's snag is the stitching included with Peachy Fantasy. You can snag it Here on 4Shared or Here on Rapidshare. Also, I have uploaded the folders for this kit for you. Previews and TOU are both included. Everything sent so far should be placed in the 'Ribbons' folder. You can snag these on 4Shared -OR- Rapidshare. If you have any questions please let me know!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful gifts. I just found your site and I have put you in my bookmarks. You have given me quite a chuckle. Can't wait for your next post. You sound like my kind of person!

Aunt Anne

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Sharon said...