Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Back online...tentatively

I tucked my tail and called Wildblue yesterday. After being on the phone with them for over THREE FRIGGIN'HOURS (on my cell phone, no less) and being transfered back and forth between billing, customer service, and tech support, they finally decided that my account had to be rebuilt. AGAIN. First they told me that it had never been disconnected when I called last week. So I booted everything up, and yep, I was able to get online. But everytime I tried to access the internet, I was redirected to the wildblue new customer activation page. And it wouldn't accept my login name and password. So the person in customer service transfered me to tech support. Tech support was confused so they transfered me to billing. Billing was confused so they transfered me to customer service. Again and again and again. Only to find out that apparently my account WAS canceled. Repeatedly. And they friggin 'broke' it again. What the hell is it with those people??

Apparently it takes 2 weeks to rebuild an account. Only takes two seconds to shut it off, but of course that's different. So I told them, sure, go ahead and rebuild it. Put 2 weeks worth of work into the damn thing. Then I'll call back and cancel it. Why? Because they piss me off. And because today I exchanged my faulty Verizon wireless card for a good one that, so far, seems to be working great. I haven't been disconnected once the whole time I've been typing. And I took time out for a 30 minute phone call. So I'll try this one out for the couple of weeks it takes them to rebuild my account, well, one of the two weeks cause I'll be gone the other week. Then if I'm happy with the wireless card, I'll shut off the Wildblue account again. Maybe I'll do this every few weeks just to keep them on their toes. The card listed on the account expires in a few weeks, so unless they ask me for the new one, and let's face it, they aren't the most adept at reading the facts, I won't offer to give them the new one. Geez it took them 4 months to figure out they had the wrong account numbers when I first had the system installed. And THAT was with me calling them repeatedly, and TELLING them the payment hadn't been coming out of the account. OK, OK, I'll shut up about WB and move on. I realize that the rest of you don't have the facination with idiots that I can't seem to shake. Else I'd just stop calling them.

Well, hubby and I leave for our long awaited cruise in about 6 more days (in case you haven't noticed the banners at the bottom of my blog LOL). I'm in the process of making sure all the laundry is caught up (yeah, right) so not only can I pack my things, but I have to pack a week's worth of crap for each child as well. The things I consider necessities are NOT necessarily the things they THINK they need. I'm pretty sure they will need clean underwear, a toothbrush, and possibly a few changes of clothes, provided I don't let my 4 year old take her favorite outfit in which case my mother in law will argue with, and lose to, Ally when she tries to make her take it off. But the girls think that when Mom is away they won't have to bathe, brush their teeth, or any of that 'nonsense' that Mom thinks they have to do. And their suitcase, apparently, should NOT contain clothes because that only takes up the space they need for the 278 stuffed animals they have to sleep with each night. I keep telling them...NO ONE will be stealing your stuff while you're away. It will all be here when you get back. Which only starts the 'What if' discussion....What if the house catches on fire?...What if a tornado blows everything away? And from my 4 year old....What if a volcano comes??

Anywho...just thought I'd catch up a bit. I will try to get some freebies posted before I leave, but most won't be until we return. And also I've gotta say to Aunt Anne...you really bring my day up with your comments! If you put some of that wit in a blog somewhere, please link me! I'd hate to miss out on it...LOL



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Better go get yourself checked out hun cause most people think I'm as boring as really old dirt. Or, maybe you just bring out the best in me!!!

No blogging for me. I have CRS disease (can't remember stuff) so I wouldn't even remember to begin.

I hope you have a fantastic time on your cruise and get to soak up lots of sun and relax. But, please don't throw hubby overboard if he's going too, even if it is tempting!!

I know what you mean about the stuffed animal thing. My 7 yr. old nephew spent the night last night and brought 20 bears and two dogs (all stuffed) to sleep with but in his suitcase was his president's book, pirates of the caribbean pjs (so I could see them, since he has several here), a bottle of cherry jamz shampoo (cause I always smell his hair after it's washed and act all silly so he has to smell all the shampoos in the store to see if he can come up with a new flavor to see what new crazy thing I'll do) and two photoalbums his mother sent to add to my over 10,000 pictures I am trying to scan.

But the big difference in the kids is mine would stay in the bathtub till he turned to a prune cause he loves to swim in my jacuzzi tub. And he will brush cause he loves the girls and we told him they wouldn't want a boy with dirty teeth (of course right now he doesn't have much to brush in the front!

Hey didn't mean to write a book! Hope you'll have time to post before you go! I know you'll need a little therapy between now and then. Sure glad you got that card swapped out and keep on with that wild blue plan.....I love it!!!!!

Aunt Anne