Sunday, April 6, 2008

No Freebies Today :(

Sorry gang, no freebies today. I do have a new kit in the works, but since I'm still having trouble with my internet I'll wait until this is resolved before I post anything new.

Yes, I canceled my Wildblue service. Yes, I've tried the wireless internet cards. Two of them. One from Verizon, one from Sprint. The one from Verizon worked GREAT...all of about 3 hours. Since then I can barely stay online with the thing. And the one from Sprint stays online until I'm ready to sign off. However, the speed is worse than dial-up, and no way am I paying $60 a month for dial-up internet. So waht do I do from here? I guess I tuck my tail between my legs and call Wildblue and beg them to re-connect me.

I really can't figure out what the problem is. Hubby's Verizon card works great in his laptop. Good speed, great connection. And his desk is right beside mine. Virtually all cell carriers get a strong signal here are my house, so it isn't like I'm in a bad area. Sprint is the only carrier I can find who has unlimited data transfer on the wireless cards. So I really, really wish their speed was better.

It's a conspiracy isn't it? Someone from Wildblue has probably been reading my blog, along with all those 'Wildblue SUcks' boards that I've left my two cents worth on, and now they've somehow managed to figure out a way to keep me from enjoying my online life. Sheesh...this was just my place to avoid my hubby, kids, mom, and everyone else for a while. And come on, who REALLY thinks I'm someone who can keep my mouth shut? After all those phone conversations I've had with WB employees, what did they think they would accomplish? Or maybe I've just been offline too long and I'm going through the paranoia of withdrawals. Yeah, I bet that's it.

Anyway, since I have nothing better to do I think I'll go see if I can find where hubby hid all the alarm clocks. I have to get up early tomorrow.

Leave me some love...I really need it at this point! LOL!



Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie, I'm sending you big hugs!!!!! Doesn't it just bite when you have internet problems!!! So sorry you are having to deal with it. Keep your chin up and lots of luck in getting it straightened out. Got an idea ..... switch cards with hubby. Worth a try!!!!

Aunt Anne

Anonymous said...

See Please Here