Friday, October 17, 2008

Glitter Doodle Freebies

Today is homecoming at my kids' school. They have a pep rally, then a parade, then the game, and a dance afterward. And it's a cold, rainy day. Not cool, since the whole town gets involved in the celebration.

It rained all night but right now it's just a bit of drizzle and mist. Maybe we'll get lucky and it will move out before this afternoon. To make things worse, my Australian shepard is terrified of storms and every time it rains he just knows there will be thunder which will cause the earth to explode. So he finds a way out of the fence, because of course it's safer in the streets instead of being inside his nice, dry shed, then wonders around town to find somewhere to hide from the storm. (My neighbor called me during the last thunderstorm and said he had his nose pressed to the glass on their storm door begging to come in.) And if he gets out, his pet beagle has to follow him. So I spent all day yesterday chasing dogs around the neighborhood. Every time I put them in and fixed the fence they found another way out. So around 6 pm last night I got tired of all the mud wrestling and sprayed them down with the water hose and brought them in the house. Neither of them are used to being inside the house so we're making a lot of trips out on the leash. Hubby will be home tonight and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he can/will fix the fence. When you're married you just can't take these things for granted.

Anyway, in between chasing dogs and texting hubby in all caps, I did a bit of playing around in PSP and came up with another freebie for you. These glitter doodles are made from some glitter tiles that should go into the store at Memory Junkies within the next few days. I still haven't sold anything I have fun creating though, so it's all good. Just wish I could make enough profit to cover all the scraps that hubby says I waste money on. Can you believe that? Of course his Hercules Hooks that he just HAD to have and yet never opened aren't a waste of money. And neither are those stretcher things to put inside your shoes. He really needs to stop watching infomercials.

And now that we've finally sold the house, he's insisting on buying a bigger TV to go in the music room. I think I'll re-program the remote so it shows nothing but the Lifetime channel.



Download the Glitter Doodles Here on Rapidshare or Here on 4Shared