Monday, October 13, 2008

Litterbox Creations has been added to Memory Junkies!

Hi gang! I have great news! My products are finally posted in the store at Memory Junkies! It took me a few tries before I got everything done the right way, but hopefully the hard part is behind me and I can sit back and have some fun designing new goodies. I've included some previews for you of my items, please be sure to let me know how you like them! As always, comments, suggestions, and constructive critisism is always, um, almost always, appreciated. Unless you're married to me and then it's an opening to a 4-day argument.

And more good news...we sold the house today! Yay! So tomorrow I'm gonna start the research on that Thanksgiving week cruise. Brooke is taking her second year of Spanish and plans to major in linguistics, and since she's getting that head start with college this year I think it will be great for her to visit Mexico. This is our last chance to take vacation as a family before she heads off to full time college, so I want to make it a vacation to remember. Hopefully the kids won't fight and argue the entire cruise. And Carnival has that Camp Carnival thing for the kids so hopefully hubby and I can steal a few moments for ourselves. I have a feeling we'll never be able to pay Brooke enough to babysit while we're onboard.

Here are some previews to my new items. Just visit Litterbox Creations at Memory Junkies to grab them up! And be sure to shop around while you're there...we have some awesome designers!