Thursday, October 9, 2008

Snowflower CU PSP Script Freebie

Hi gang! I recently ran into Aunt Anne on a new google group, and she told me she thought I had joined the witness protection program. Well, I can tell you that I'm alive and well (um, it really depends on your definition of 'well'), so far, but if I disappear for a time it probably won't be witness protection. They normally don't want to protect those who spend way more time than is healthy on creative ways to make dh's life a living nightmare. The good news is I haven't acted on any of them. Yet. But he has been out of town most of the week so that's probably at least saved him from being locked in the closet and poked with a stick every once in a while.

Actually, hubby and I did end up buying my grandfather's house, and we spent all summer remodeling it. We finally moved in around the end of August and I've been spending all my time since trying to get everything caught up. We still have lots of boxes to unpack, but I'm thinking if we'd lived without it for this long, we don't need it. How does one family end up collecting so much STUFF?? I mean really, I found things packed into the backs of closets that has been there for years and never been used. What the hell does hubby need with a weight lifting suit? He bought the thing in high school and has probably never been to a gym in his life. What's he gonna do, wear it when the kids are using him for an interactive jungle gym?

So anyway, hopefully I can find the time and inclination to keep posting here. I've recently joined the designing team at Memory Junkies and I'm so excited about it! Most of my products will probably be scripts for PSP, but I'll try to toss in a kit or some CU items every so often. If you have any requests please let me know! Other than kits, what do you spend the most time searching for in the scrap shops? Leave a comment and let me will help me bring you the items you really want :)

Here is a freebie CU script for you that I made a couple of days ago. I had to take a mental refresher course since the past 2 weeks has been the first time I've opened PSP in months. The colors on it can't be changed, because it took some time to figure out how to give the user that option and this script was done before I learned that lil gem. It should run fine in PSP versions X through X2, with an error message in X. Hope someone can use it! Once I find my disk for PSP9 I'll reinstall that version and use it for creating scripts. I hate for PSP9 users to miss out, but unless someone can fill me in on a secret, I don't know of anything I can do to change it until I reinstall version 9.

Download the script Here on Rapidshare -or- Here on 4Shared.



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