Friday, November 21, 2008

Flower Button Freebies

Hi gang! Hope everyone has had a wonderful week! We've been busy little bees here, trying to get everything packed for our trip this coming week. For those of you who don't know, hubby and I had a temporary lapse of sanity and booked a cruise for the week of Thanksgiving. Ourselves....and ALL 3 kids. Not only a week on the ship with the kids, but also a 7 hour drive in hubby's car all the way to New Orleans and back. But it's OK, the kids will probably be strapped to the roof after the first hour so I can get that much needed rest before getting on the ship.

Seriously though, we're all really excited about going. Brooke will be 18 in February and I really wanted all of us to take this trip together before she graduates and is an adult. Because a family vacation just isn't the same when the kids are grown. And since she's going into linguistics and studying Spanish, I thought a trip to Cozumel and Progreso would be great for her. She's actually convinced her teachers not to count her absent while she's away. She has to do a small project, taking lots of pictures and then describing them to the class when she gets back, but she'll enjoy that so it really won't be like homework at all. I'm sure when she gets back she'll be showing pictures and talking about the trip to everyone who will listen LOL

The two younger ones are excited too. Carlee's teacher has been asking to go with us...LOL. We took them to get a haircut a couple of days ago, and did a bit of shopping for some cooler clothes since it's summertime weather in Mexico pretty much all year.

On the way to town, hubby frightened poor little Ally, and I'm sorry but I couldn't help it...I laughed til I cried. We were driving down the highway and a cop was traveling beside us, behind us, sometimes in front of us. We had to stop at a red light and the girls were in the back seat arguing, as usual. hubby told them they better behave because there was a cop beside us at the red light. They got quiet, I assumed to contemplate what would happen if they started slugging each other, we waited a few minutes on the light to change, then went on our way. A couple of minutes later we heard this little voice from the back seat say, "Can I get back up now?" Apparently Ally had hit the floor when daddy said something about a cop. Now I've just gotta figure out who has made her afraid of them....LOL

So, I will be out of town without internet access until November 29th or 30th, depending on if we decide to grab a hotel on the way home or if we make the entire drive on Saturday. So I've posted the freebies above for you to grab HERE. Hope you have fun with them! If you'd like to get the script to make your own larger elements to match your kits, you can get them at or at

Everyone please have a wonderful and very safe Thanksgiving and I'll see you when we return!



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NinaLane said...

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